The Aviation Course


Lesson 1. Prologue: a history of world aviation and
Airlines: KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines

Lesson 2. The anatomy and technology of airports; Dubai and (Dallas)
The development of Amsterdam Airport and Lelystad Airport.

Lesson 3. Civil aircraft types and production of new civil airliners
Example: The Airbus A350, A380 and the Boeing 787-9

Lesson 4. Technology

Lesson 5. Incidents and accidents in civil aviation

Lesson 6. Air Traffic Control, ATC



The course

This course is held twice a year. This course is in the Dutch language and consists of six Tuesday/ Thursday evenings.


7.00 P.M.




For a wide public who is interested in aviation. The reality means that there are also people from the airline industry, such as pilots, people from Amsterdam Airport (Royal Schiphol Group), Air Traffic Control, KLM, Transavia, the Transport Department, Menzies Aviation Group.

RAC has had positive reactions to previous training courses.

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