RAC stands for Richard's Aviation Course and was founded in 1996.

RAC Aviation Course is a series of presentations, which looks at various aspects of aviation. RAC gives a clear and independent view of aviation today. This part is especially created for airline related companies.



RACis built on the premise that people who are working in aviation or are going to work in aviation should be informed and trained about the aviation industry. People who work in aviation have a very specific function. As a result of training their knowledge of aviation can be improved and therefore they become a useful addition to a company. The course makes useful links between various aspects of aviation. The background information could be of importance for people working in the airline business, who require more information. This could encourage them to move to higher positions or improve themselves in the highly dynamic world of aviation.

Who will benefit by these courses?

Companies and organizations who directly or indirectly are involved with aviation. Handling companies in airports, the airlines, the Schiphol Group, airline organizations and other related airline industries.

People in organizations

People who work in a company or organization together form a team. These people are an important factor in the quality of service of an organization. RAC will provide information that will be useful for airline related companies. An improvement in staff knowledge and skills could lead to an improvement in the performance of an organization. Motivated and well-informed workers will make a success of an organization.

The training

RAC has had positive reactions to previous training courses. The training is well-prepared with up-to-date presentations that last for two hours each.

Various visual aids are used to support the presentations. At this moment there is a choice of  twelve aviation subjects.

The minimum number of subjects is three and the maximum is eight subjects as a training cycle. After attending these presentations/training RAC awards a certificate as a proof of completion of the course. The specific wishes of companies and organizations will, if possible, be presented.

RAC provides clear and concise information about the airline industry.

The trainer

The trainer has great experience in aviation including giving presentations, tours of airports and training in numerous subjects in aviation. He works as a teacher in an aviation school and his knowledge of the aviation industry has been developed over many years.

Recently he gave presentations at Royal Schiphol Group, Dutch Telecom (KPN), the Dutch Air Traffic Control, (LVNL).

He has visited airports and airline companies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America many times. 


The objective of RAC Aviation Course is to inform people about subjects, which are important in aviation. They will perform better and they understand their customers better.

The presentations


2 hours or parts of the day, four hours or a hole day


Morning or afternoon.  Chosen by the customer


chosen by the customer


chosen by the customer


· Three months as an evening training course: a complete cycle consists of eight subjects.

· Four weeks as a daytime training course (five days to complete a cycle).

RAC Aviation Course offers you the following program. You can choose the following subjects. Every module forms a complete unit of training.

Modules/ subjects

1. KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines as a company

2. Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport and economics

3. The anatomy and technology of airports

4. Airport processes

5. E- Ticketing

6. Air Traffic Control, ATC

7. Incidents and accidents in civil aviation

8. Aviation and the environment

9. Aviation organizations: FAA, ILT, NTSB,  ICAO and IATA

10. Economics of international airlines

11. Alliances

12. Ultra Large Aircraft, ULA's (A380) and the future



R.Vermij, SFO 08-'95

The reader

The aviation-reader 'Everything you always wanted to know about..... Flying' © 2018, can be delivered. For trainees this is an important reader for extra study. To produce this reader the client must make a choice of five subjects out of seventeen. 

The reader gives up date information and is well laid out.

front reader

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All correspondence is via RAC.

If an agreement is reached there will be a contract signed by RAC and the employer.

The trainer needs the following aids for the presentations:

1.  'Whiteboard'/ Smartboard


The trainer will come to an Airline Company or organization at the request of the company. The company can choose the subjects, which form the content of the course

Preliminary call

The trainer will make a preliminary call before the training to discuss the client's special requirements.


After training RAC will contact the employer/ client to check for any last questions. 

If you need more information or still have questions please contact:

RAC  Aviation Course

Tel   31 (0)6 155 18 331

E-mail:  rvermij@planet.nl

R'sAC, Aviation Course is registered; the idea and all named subjects. The Business Aviation Course is part of R'sAC .© G. Vermij, Amsterdam 1995 - 2018